SOLD : Thrustmaster T500RS F1 Integral with 28GT Leather Rim : USA

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For sale are my Thrustmaster T500RS F1 Integral setup (T500RS base, with the F1 Rim, and T3PA-PRO pedals) and a Thrustmaster 28GT wheel, 

I still have the original packaging (although it is not that beautiful after being in my basement), 


would be willing to ship, and or part out the setup for the right price (although if you want just the pedals I would prefer to sell you the base as well, as I believe it will be hard to sell just the wheelbase...)


once this sells I am interested in picking up a direct drive system, so if you happened to prefer this over your direct drive system then I would be more than willing to trade (plus cash from me depending on what you have...) 



PM me some offers! - SOLD for $530 shipped






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Item sold

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