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I've done a lot of reading about this, but I can't find a definitive solution, and I'm hoping for some guidance.

Right now I have a round Momo wheel mounted directly to my OSW.  It works really well.  The problem is that I want to start exploring some of the open wheel series, and I want to have something with paddle shifters available.  Ideally I would have a full wheel, and a formula wheel available with a QR system to swap them out.  However... I am on a pretty tight budget.  I only recently considered selling my wheel before dusting it off and falling back in love hard.  But, I don't want to invest crazy amounts of money right now.  

Of note, I'm a VR racer, so any of the readouts and such do me practically no good.  

Here are what I believe to be my options..

Fanatec conversion

I don't believe this would necessitate me to buy a Fanatec round wheel, assuming I can secure a wheel side QR.  My understanding is that I would need this..


And then also a wheel base side portion of the QR system?  But where can I find that?

And then that would work with any fanatec wheel?


Retrofit paddle shifters to current wheel.

It looks like there are some DIY options available here, and some other options that could potentially get me paddles on my current wheel for what looks to be about 200.  What are the best options available?  Most of the options I did see didn't have the wires terminated coming from the shifters - how are those wired to the PC?


Wheel mounted button box/paddles

Most of these that I've seen are pretty crazy expensive.  What are the cheapest options available?


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I went with a Penguin button box for now.  It seems like it should get me what I need to enjoy some other race types.  Eventually I'll invest in a dedicated F1 wheel if I start to really get into the open wheel stuff.  I'm eyeing up this wheel, in particular.  I probably would have bought it had the checkout on the site been working at my moment of weakness!



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