(HELP) Triple Screen set-up.

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Trying to set-up triple screen for Dirt Rally and Euro Truck 2

GPU: Evga GTX 1070 ftw. 
Screens: 3, TCL 43 inch 4k TV. 

I've tried Nvidia surround and it jacks up my res to 4k. 
Obviously my gpu cannot handle all 3 screens in 4k. 

Lowered each screen res to 1080p on window display setting. 
Once I enable Nvidia surround, res go to some High (in ten thousands)  x2160

Went into Dirt Rally to set the res to 1080p and everything looks very low res (seems way lower than 1080p) 
Also, Everything looks overly stretched and seems to cut off some screens. 

How can I go about this issues? 

Can run PC2 on triple because of the triple screen support from PC2. 


Any ideas or advice will help. 
Thanks, cheers.

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