Logitech G29 GT Wheel and magnetic paddle shifter mod
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If you have a G29 and want to replace the small wheel with a GT style wheel with the correct diameter and not have to replace all the buttons, solder wires and void your warranty - have a look at this:

GT Wheel for the Logitech G29 and magnetic paddle shifter mod

I made a mod for the G29 because I was unhappy with the tiny wheel of the original G29. It is fully reversible, wont void your warranty and does not require any wiring or soldering skills.

I also made a very easy magnetic paddle shifter mod because the ones I found on Thingiverse all swapped the original paddles for printed ones and I wanted to use the metal ones. Also no soldering, cables and fully reversible.

You can download the shifter mod for free here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3411628


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