What Motion System should I choose from these?

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Hi guys, I´m new here, and to be honest, I don´t understand anything about this. I just want a good system who gives me fun, and of course, the reliability is important, and also the (future) support and warranty.

Actually, I use the ps4. (These systems will work on a ps5?)

I have 3000€ to spend and I can reach 5000€ if it worths.

I've seen these systems and I don't know if they work with ps4. Some of them seem old to me because they have videos from 2016 and we are in 2019, that gives me a bad feeling.

- Vector GT1 (DOF2) - I don't see any news about this system, seems old.

- Prosimu T1000 3M (Its French and I live in France).

- Simxperience Stage 4

- Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3

- Motion Gear 4S Motion Simulator System (GT gear)

- Atomic A3 - This one seems great, and I don't mind to spend 7000€, but seems that does not work with the ps4, I'm not sure.

What is your opinion? Should I wait?

Sorry about my grammar, I'm not English.

Thank you in advance.

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