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(AU) Next Level V3 Motion Platform + Racing seat

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So, everyone knows what these things are. Having moved on from a seat mover, I now have my 2 year old Next Level V3 motion platform that needs a new home. I have also replaced the seat so my current one, including custom 80 20 profile mount to suit the V3 top plate, is available as a bundle.

The V3 unit is the same one everyone knows and loves. It is in excellent condition, has not had any breakdowns and has seen moderate use in the two years I've owned it. Retail price for new is around $4K AUD. Asking price is $2,700 for the unit itself (including the BK2 gamer mount and some home fabricated mounting brackets that suit an 80 20 constructed chassis but might be useful on other rigs also).

The seat is a Bride replica and is also in fantastic condition. Seen less use than the V3 as I bought it later on. The benefit of this is that the seat is perfectly mounted to the V3 already. The V3 top plate has what many believe is a design flaw in the way the holes are drilled, they do not match many race seat standard hole pattern. Using this seat you won't have to worry about any of that as it's already been accounted for.

The package can be had for $3,000 AUD and the buyer will either need to organise pick up or courier of the unit. Shipping options are open for negotiation, however. I am sure we can work something out.

Drop any questions you have and I'll do my best to get to them.

For shipping purposes, the unit itself is rated at 25kg and the seat is recliner so is able to be folded into a smaller shape. For both you'd most likely need to quote 35kg at least.




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