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HPP parts for sale

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I currently am in possession of a HPP simulation along with its transducer. The 3 pedals appears to be model 3P-PRX and the transducer is a combo- master slave/pressure. Please feel free to check out the images provided. Also, feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer them.

HPP 3 pedals.PNG

HPP 3 pedals2.PNG

HPP 3 pedals3.PNG

HPP 3 pedals4.PNG

HPP 3 pedals5.PNG

HPP 3 pedals6.PNG

HPP 3 pedals7.PNG

HPP 3 pedals8.PNG

HPP 3 pedals9.PNG

HPP 3 pedals10.PNG

HPP 3 pedals11.PNG

HPP 3 transducer.PNG

HPP 3 transducer2.PNG

HPP 3 transducer3.PNG

HPP 3 transducer4.PNG

HPP 3 transducer5.PNG

HPP 3 transducer6.PNG

HPP 3 transducer7.PNG

HPP 3 transducer8.PNG

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These look like the very first version of the HPPs from what I remember of my own set - but that transducer is a more recent model than the rest of the pedals. This would be a cool pile of parts for someone to mod, but I don't believe they'll just fit back together and work right away. 

Whereabouts are these? I'd be interested for the right price but shipping might be a killer, this is a hefty pile of metal :)

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