How does a Direct Drive wheel feel like?
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When I use the force feedback on my, ThrustMaster TMX, instead of feeling like the wheel has weight to it, the resistance feels like the wheel is submerged in mud. It feels grudgy. I’m wondering if because of the mechanics of a direct drive wheel, does the force feedback feel more smooth? More natural? Or is it basically that same grudgy feeling just stronger? Another question I have about direct drive  wheels is speed. Drifting with my current wheel is kind of hard because the wheel is too slow to counter steer. You can’t flick, because the wheel is too slow. You can’t transition, because the wheel is too slow, and you can’t try to feed the wheel yourself, because when the wheel is countersteering that’s the max speed it’ll want to go. I’m also wondering if a Direct Drive Wheel will fix this? Will the DDW be faster? The last question I have is the strength to speed ratio. If you want to drift with my wheel, and even having a hope of reliable countersteer, you have to set the wheels and in games force feedback to the max for sufficient speed. Will a DDW offer you fast self steering speed while on low FFB? When I drift I don’t want to use a lot of my strength, but still have an active wheel. Thanks. Please leave serious answers. ~Larry The SimRacing Potato

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