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I am piecing together my first pc build for photo editing and gaming, mostly sim racing.  I am fairly confident that the components that I have will work pretty well but want to get opinions on if my monitor choice is a wise one.  

The pc will have 

i7 9700k 

rtx 2070 

32gb ram

The above components will all be conservatively overclocked.

1tb ssd 

Gigabyte Aorus Master motherboard

I'm looking at 2 27" 165hz monitors.  I would also like to eventually go VR but am more worried about the monitors and only one GPU.  

Will this set up work?

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What resolution are your monitors? At 1920x1080, you should be just fine. At 4K, I would assume you'd only be gaming on one monitor (two don't work well for sim racing), and you might be okay, but may need to reduce graphics settings. You might even unplug one while you're gaming/sim racing to optimize your card's performance, and then there's the option to run the "extra" non-gaming monitor off your motherboard (usually requires changing something in BIOS to enable this), which should be okay for 1080HD but 4K may not be feasible. You shouldn't have much trouble running VR with the current-gen headsets when you can do that, and may be okay with the next-gen we'll probably see in the next year or two.

The only other thing I'd recommend is getting a regular hard drive for additional storage. Even 4TB+ isn't that expensive these days.

On my gaming/sim system, I have a smaller, fast SSD for the C/system drive, then a few larger SSDs for the games or sims I use more frequently, and less frequent titles are on a 2TB HHD. With this setup, if anything goes wrong with Windows, and you have to re-format the drive (it can happen) you don't have to reinstall everything. This setup isn't necessary, but it can prevent some additional headaches.

Also, if you get into mods for titles such as Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2, you can fill up a hard drive really quickly.

Of course you can add additional drives later, and if you download from Steam, it has a feature that facilitates transferring your downloaded games between your hard drives.

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Apex, thank you for the insight.  You are correct in assuming that I will be gaming off of one monitor only. The second monitor will be used for tools and such when using Adobe products.  I am planning on getting an HDD in the future but stuck with only the 1tb SSD to start in order to save a little bit of money.  I'm excited to get it up and running.  


Everything turns on now to add windows to set everything so that it runs happily!


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