Thrustmaster T300 power off when motor starts buzzing
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Hi All,

Hopefully somebody can help me! I bought secondhand a thrustmaster T300, after a couple of hours the motor start buzzing more and more when producing feedback. Especially with long corners the buzzing becomes more intense and you can feel it in the wheel. After a couple of laps the wheel shuts off and does not power on for about 5 to 10 minutes. After cooling down it power up and calibrates fine.

The powersupply seems fine also the switchboard next to the powersupply is also working fine. 

Belt tension is oke and no weird noises when moving the steering wheel.

The fan is running.

The powersupply is pretty warm and the motor feels more on the hot side..

Is my motor toast? Or is there a other possible cause? Maybe this is some common problem I dont know about.

Ps. It my first rig (secondhand) and although is broke after a couple of hours I'm already hooked to the sim racing and bought a new fanatec the next day but it would be really nice to fix the trusmaster for my kids to play with.

Everybody many thanks in advance!

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