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New year, new challenges and Team Berni still looking for a driver! ;)
This year we will racing in IVRC Touring Car Championship again, but it not all. We also have a campain on GT class of World Endurance Championship. I looking driver for both of these series.
What I expecting? Not much. Speed isn’t the most important thing for me, but I need to a nice person, with whom I will have good work together, and – of course – good time. Next important thing is quite regular participate on races.
What I will give You? First of all - good atmosphere. Add to this nice cars, great races and a lot of fun. Isn’t it sounds nice?
Do You want to be on both of these series? Great! Only one? Door are open. Are you not sure about it all? Let’s talk! Write here or send me PM right now!
You can also check out our Facebook page and leave me a message there.

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Team Berni still looking for a driver, this time for IVRC Touring Car Championship 2019-II.

Still: the most important thing for me is what You are - I want good atmosphere inside the team. Next thing is I want You quite regular in participate in races.

I choosing the car and creating livery, but in some frames, I'll listen You.

If You interested in, send me PM :)

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