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Hello! Relative new to the simracing arena, but consider myself "decent"

Playing on both ps4 and PC, any racing games, if I dont have it, ill buy it :P (considering its within the sim-racing genere)

If anyone is down for some fun lobbies, give me a shout at either:

Vebbis0 (PS4)

FPS_Warex (Steam)

18+ (I'm 25, Norway)


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hi warex, you should get yourself onto iracing, it really is a great community and because it is properly sanctioned and governed,  you get a better class of sim racer. also, because it is a paid subscription based service, you will find that people are generally more courteous  and mindful of their actions because if you step to far out of line you will be banned and lose any content that you have bought. You can start with a 1 month subscription and download the sim for free with a load of free content.

iracing really is the closest thing that us simracres can get to real world racing and the immersion is unparalleled, we even have real world racers on the service like robert kubica, dale earnhardt jr. and very active right now is Lando Norris.

you can add me if you join and message me on there for any tips or advice.

nice to meet you and good luck!

phil george (iracing)

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