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Hi everybody, thanks for reading.

Having last raced in the 90's with Geoff Crammonds F1, i randomly decided that i'd like to get some kit and try my hand at sim racing.

This is the tale of an old guy, buying stuff, trying to put it together and realising he doesn't have a clue what he is doing ?

I intend to get a racing PC but currently my setup is:

Playseat F1

Fanatec 2.5 with xbox steering wheel and loadcell pedals.

xbox one


First observation is that you need to understand that these devices don't automatically all fit together and you have moved away from a consumer, all in one, out of the box, solution. 


SO not having a clue, the first thing i do is load up F1 2018 and nearly have my arms pulled out of their sockets. Trying to look for resource, on line seems pretty haphazard but im wondering how the hell this game will be playable and if there are any particular settings as the FF was over the top. Is this a specific game issue?


I then changed to Asetto Corsa. The feedback is now manageable, the cars can actually be driven (poorly) but driven.


So, not knowing where to start i decide to try the novice license approach. Whilst i am the first to acknowledge that i haven't played racing games, in any serious way i have to admit that i am amazed at how poor i actually am. Just starting off, with racing line on and automatic mode, i can qualify when just driving the various cars. However, as soon as i have to race any of the computer AI i am literally left miles behind and always finish last.


I'd therefore appreciate any tips or advice.


Should i be setting the wheel up in any particular fashion to make F1 2018 feasible or am i just so bad that the heavyness of steering is what i should be expecting.

On AC is it normal to be able to drive the cars to get pass that particular part of the license but to then be miles behind in the races, if so is there anything i should be concentrating on or doing differently or is it really the case that i just need to keep racing, over and over until i make some breakthrough?


thanks for any comments



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Hi there,

In F2018 you can adjust the force feedback strength in the game. It just sounds like it's set high for you. Dial it back until it feels comfortable to you. There's no exact science to FFB, it's quite personal to each person.

There's no secret sauce to improving your sim racing other than practice and learning the track. Put effort into a single track until your as good as you can be. And the same for cars, each one will behave differently on the same track and you'll have to relearn the track from vehicle to vehicle. If you jump around tracks and cars frequently in the same session you'll have difficulty getting your muscle memory tuned. My method is to practice a car on the track in AI races (all running the same car) starting from the back of the grid. I set the AI to level I'm able just about beat. Then I'm able to learn the track by following the AI, picking up the braking points and limits of the car while lapping. I'll focus on just this track and car combination in multiple subsequent sessions, and that may be spread over a couple of days. It's important to take a break and come back later. I find taking breaks lets my brain process the previous session, rather than hammering away hour after hour in one go.

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