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As posted on another forum, I confess that I am not completely happy with my recent Purchase of CSL Elite wheel with the standard P1 rim. Maybe I was expecting too much but I feel the wheel being bit sluggish and not very reactive against over-steer situations.

I have bought a Thrustmaster TS PC racer wheel instead since its damn cheap here in Japan these days but would like to keep my FANATEC CSR pedals (Non ELITE, Non Load cell) since they are still running strong. 

Do you know any product/adapter that would allow to get them either connected to my PC via USB?

I was guided towards this thread which is now locked and few pics have been taken off as well so bit difficult to figure for the Mechanical engineer, not Electrical one, that I used to be long long time ago lol)

any advice/guidance is appreciated.

thanks so much


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