SOLD: CST Racing Pedals USA PRICE CUT -$100
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Exellent condition fully working CST throttle and brake pedal. CST is known for very prestigious and well built simulator pedals. Bracket mounted temporarily to padded wooden board. It was primarily used for NASCAR racing but is still adjustable for most games. Comes with usb cable. Drivers are found online. If you are suprised by the high price, do some research and you will find that this is a great deal. Looking to trade for a full pedal setup with a shifter.

Asking 200 OBO. Located in central AZ, but will ship to rest of USA. If interest is found, we can deal with cash, eBay or paypal only. You can pay for shipping because idk what class you want it.


Text 928-899-7716 

Email [email protected] 






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I had the 3-pedal set (CST-F1) before I got the HE-Pro's.  These are very good pedals and the braking performance is close to what HE-Pro pedals offer.

Used CST 3-pedal set's can go for $400-$600 pretty easily so, this is a pretty nice deal. If I was looking for an upgrade to a Load-cell Brake pedal and didn't need a clutch pedal, I'd go this route instead of Fanatec in a heart-beat (Had those too). :)

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