Thrustmaster TMX weird sound when plugged

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Hi guys !

I bought a Thrustmaster TMX 2 days ago and played with it during a day, everything was fine. Yesterday I didn't played with it but he stayed plugged (Into USB port + mains).

Today I turned on my computer (With the Thrustmaster TMX plugged into the USB port and the alimentation cable plugged into the mains) and a very high-pitched noise came out from the interior of the wheel.

I decided to unplug it for the day. This evening I tried to plug it again and the noise remains. It's loud and very annoying.

I joined to this message a recording of the sound. Do you have any idea where this sound comes from ?

Thanks !


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Possibly... I can't be sure without opening it and losing my warranty. 

If nobody ever had this issue with the TMX I assume it is a manufacturing defect, then I'll bring it back to the shop

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