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Building my first pvc rig

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Hey guys and gals ,Im new to the sim racing world but figured it would be a good way to train in my of season ,since Canada is covered in snow for 6 months of the year ,I  currently built a cheap setup out of wood and skids i had laying around the race shop and its been okay for now but its not the most comfortable ,I've been looking at doing something similar to the SIMUL8R design but wanted to make it more gt style looking cockpit ,possibly make it enclosed lol for looks more then anything space isn't  an issue as the wife has given me the run of the basement ,any ideas or tips would be great ,or if anyone has done something close to what my plans are lol looking forward to hearing some awesome ideas ,attached is a pic of my current setup lol built it in 2 hours out of skids and scrap wood 


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