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Hello all, I’m wondering if I might be able to get some confirmation or perhaps advice.  I’m ready to make the jump to triple monitors and have been doing a lot of research.  I have a 1080ti and would prefer not to turn down any eye candy, but am willing to turn down some settings if need be.  I won’t be going SLI.

From what I understand, a single 1080ti will struggle with triple 1440p monitors, so I’m guessing this will bring me down to 1080p.  If going 1080p, then I’m guessing 24” monitors are preferable over, say, 27” because of a possible “screen-door effect” when placing the monitors up close. 

Is the above correct?   

If going 1080p, I was thinking about maybe getting them at 144hz, but I understand even that scenario may make the 1080ti struggle.

I don’t mind going with 1080p with 24” at 60hz.  I just don’t want to “settle” on that either if my card can handle more.  Thoughts?

Also, I’m not interested in VR.

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I have i7-4790 3.6 GHz 16 GB ram with GTX 1080 Ti (coming from 980 Ti) on, triple 27" / 144 Hz / 1ms Benq monitors.

Eye to monitor distance 55cm (monitors angled at 45°).

Going by what I get here, I would not go for 1440p monitors, because (depending on the used sim), I'm already on the limit for this combination.

AC, AMS, rF2 and R3E work pretty well (here and there a graphics setting or two not on max), but for ACC it's a no go. ACC has no proper triple screen support (yet, if ever), so that's a no go for me anyway.

24" may help, but honestly, I would not go that way either. The 27" I have now are sufficient, but sometimes I believe 32" would have been even nicer.

Not sure what you mean by the screen-door effect ?

Comparing a friends 60Hz 27" set to my 144Hz 27", I would prefer the 144Hz, the difference is noticeable.

Just my 2ct... ?

PS: no interest in VR either...

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Thanks Fanapryde, much appreciated! I've decided to go with 27" 1080p 144hz monitors.  Even better, I'm going to select a free-sync one that Nvidia says will be automatically compatible when they roll out their new driver on the 15th.  Racing nirvana ahead! ?

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