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Need consult re the Apiga AP2 seat addon

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Ello everyone,

I just recently got my hands on a new wheel stand:

                               generic wheel stand   ??

The VERY small branding on the box said "PLAYGAME MPS18".

If it looks somewhat familiar, that's because it looks exactly like the Apiga AP2 stand:


AND if you looks closely, it's even more similar in design to the "GT Omega classic steering wheel stand":




Now, why am I telling you this? Because all of those stands, including mine, have an add-on seat frame that attaches to their base.

Here is the Apiga AP2 frame:

And here is the GT Omega frame:

A seat base frame for my stand is nowhere to be found. ?

As I mentioned earlier, looking at the GT Omega stand and addon, it looks as if the mating process between them, and their general design, more closely resembles my wheel stand.

The one problem is the advertised dimensions. Specifically, width.

The AP2 stand is 46cm wide and the GTOmega is 45cm wide (or the other way around but it doesn't matter for this post's sake).

Since the dimensions of my stand are not advertised anywhere, I went ahead and measured it in at:




So my question is - are all these stands and addons actually based on the same design and there is no difference? Is the stated width differences fake or approximate, and is there to make you buy THAT brand's addon? Or is there actual width difference, and I have to buy the specific compatible stand from the same brand? And if so, WHERE THE __ DO I FIND IT?

That's about 4 questions really. But I would love them all answered ?

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Also, just found this:


no branding no dimensions even, but looks very similar to what i have. sent the seller a message


I'm starting to think that even if these seat addons are a little more narrow, with a little work I can get them fixed to the stand

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