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Hello all! 

First of all I like to tell you guys that I come from the Ps4. So I have no clue how this works on PC. And I hope you guys can help me.

The headset I am using is the turtle Beach px4 and I have 2x buttkickers gamer 2 mounted under my rig. 

For the moment I am using my brothers PC to test some simracing and till now it's much better then on console. Only problem I can't figure out how to let my 2x buttkickers gamer 2 work with my headset at the same time.

I also like to use simvibe in the future.

(If that makes any difference in the setup pls tell me) 

Can you guys give me a guide how to connect everything so I can use 2x buttkickers and a headset. Do I need more then one soundcard? 

Hope to hear from you 


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