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Having spent over 200 hrs on this game mainly playing with settings I figured I would share my view on FFB. As we all know, FFB is subjective so give these a try you can always switch back. I have tried Jack’s settings and went through all the flavors(Immersive, raw, informative). Personally, immersive gives me the best feelings/details and I have tweaked my simucube to fit the picture. If you haven’t already, definitely make shortcuts to volume/tone on your button box or keyboard so you can easily adjust on-the-fly.

Take a look at the pics and excel for each car. Happy racing!!

Ingame FFB Immersive/Gain 100/FX 45:
Simucube Big mige/10k encoder - 6.37amps, Recon 1, no filters, Indirect effects all 100. Please ignore the bumpstop range.


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