RSeat - be very careful about purchasing from these guys
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I purchased an Rseat in early 2017 and it arrived with dents and scrapes.
It seemed cosmetic so instead of waiting weeks for a replacement (that could also get dented since the packaging was average at best) they agreed to send me the keyboard and mouse mount, which I ended up being unable to use because of the poor design and the amount of space required to use it.

One of the welds on the mounting screws underneath came loose (makes it impossible to have carpet mounts/castors or perhaps a motion simulation mount) and since then they have done nothing but play evasive games.
They offered to replace the chassis then went silent refusing to answer emails.

Months passed and after saying I was going to report them to better business bureau (BBB) they once again said they would replace the chassis.

I asked if I could pay the difference for the N1 since another issue I had was that using my Simucube DD motor, I have noticed significant flex of the chassis, something they promised would not happen - I have this in writing.

I even offered to return the mouse and keyboard mount new in the box to assist with the exchange to the N1 - it seems my seat will fit the N1 so only the chassis is required.

But once again they have gone silent.

I understand Krassi (his account cannot accept messages) has some connection with Rseat, and since they don't have a phone number and they are obviously trying to ignore me until my warranty runs out, hoped he could get this moving?

I am disabled and cannot work, so SIM racing is one of the few things I enjoy.
I just want them to do the right thing and honor their promises.

Hopefully it won't come to that.
Feel free to message me Krassi!

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RSeat continue to ignore my emails and attempts to get resolution to this defective product.

Krassi generously offered his help and got in touch with them and they are also ignoring him, which leads me to believe they have zero intention of doing the right thing.
Thank you Krassi for at least trying - I understand you have no formal connection with RSeat and are simply trying to help out customers because you are local and can speak Bulgarian.

It's a real shame that they think they can ignore their customers and just treat them like fools.    

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