Southern California: Racing / Drifting Simulator Cockpit - $700

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Hello ISRTV members!

Copied and pasted from my craigslist ad:

Up for sale I have a racing simulator set up that I use for drifting.

This set includes:

- A GT Omega PRO racing cockpit with fully adjustable RS9 seat, which comes with the handbrake mount (~$500 new)
- A Thrustmaster T300RS GT servo base with T3PA Pedals (~$400 new)
- A Thrustmaster TH8A 8 Speed gated shifter (~$165 new)
- A Fanatec Clubsport v1.5 Handbrake (~$120 new)
- Ricmotech TH8A Short throw shifter kit (~$30 new)
- 3Drap TH8A Mod Cambio (for firmer shifts) (~$22 new)
-RIPP Aluminum Steering Wheel Adapter (to use larger life sized wheels - 70mm and 74mm bolt pattern) (~$38 new)
- eBay aftermaket 350mm steering wheel ($30)
- A Sabrent 4 port USB hub to tie it all together, making it easy to plug and play and store.

Items are adult owned and meticulously maintained. Original boxes with manuals and hardware will be included for everything. I can either disassemble it or the rig can be picked up intact. It will be heavy, but if left intact, can be plug and play when you get home. For PC, but can also work on PS4. Great for drifting or any other type of sim racing. Purchased last year, all items in perfect working condition and only lightly used. Original ~$1200 value, for only $700!

Links to the items new:
GT Omega PRO with accessories


TH8A Shifter

Fanatec Handbrake

Ricmotech Short Shifter Kit

3drap Mod Cambio

RIPP Aluminum wheel adapter






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On 12/4/2018 at 5:35 PM, RazzBarlow7 said:

If you ever decide to part it out, shoot me a message on the handbrake.  I'm in Sandy Eggo.

Hi there, not planning to part out just yet, but I will definitely let you know.


On 12/4/2018 at 7:28 PM, andersenAR said:

Any idea what it all weights? Id like to see why it costs to get it shipped up to Washington state. Might be reasonable because of the short distance. 

Yikes, it is pretty heavy, combined weight I would estimate maybe 60lbs+. I think it'll cost a lot for shipping everything.

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