SOLD: [Fanatec] Clubsport Wheel Base v2 for $250 [PRICE REDUCTION], Clubsport Pedals v3 (both USA, factory sealed)
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Hi everyone,

I have a Clubsport Wheel Base v2 and Clubsport pedals v3 for sale.


Clubsport Wheel Base v2      $350 $250 (includes shipping cost)

Clubsport Pedals v3               $215 (includes shipping cost)


Unfortunately, shortly after purchasing these items, due to outside circumstances I wasn’t able to put in the time commitment necessary towards actually using my purchases, so they all have been lying unopened in my closet.  Since I will probably be moving in a few months, I have now decided to sell them.


  • Both items are factory sealed, in the original packaging, and have never been used. 
  • Both items were purchased online from Fanatec, and have since been stored in a bedroom closet.


I am located in northern Illinois and I will ship the items by either FedEx or UPS.  In addition, I will pay the PayPal service fees.

Please PM me if you wish to purchase either or both of these items!  All transactions must be conducted through PayPal. 

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all items sold

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4 hours ago, hylton86 said:

I'm in for pedals if they don't finalize the sale

Thanks for letting me know!  Another forum user is already on standby if the sale is not finalized, but I will make sure to let you know if it becomes available.

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I have reduced by $100 the asking price for the Clubsport Wheel Base v2 .  It is now available for $250, shipping and PayPal fees included.  All the info about the item in the original post still applies (factory sealed etc.)  Please PM me if you wish to buy this!

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