Motion System For Sale (New and Previously Used)
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Hi Folks,

I have 2 brand new and 2 used D-BOX systems for sale. This is a 4 actuator (4250i model) unit capable of 1000 lbs total and 1.5" of travel. The used units are very lightly used and where mostly used for in quick demos. The brand new units are brand new and never installed or used, sealed in box. $4k for used $8k for the new units. This is quite a discount from the MSRP pricing.

Also have 2 brand new 6" or 2 used 6" D-BOX systems for sale. This is the 4500HD 2BS unit capable of 2000 lbs total and 6" of travel. I have plenty of aluminum adapter plates for the Human Racing GT chassis to mount the actuators to if you are looking for a complete solution. Pictures attached with some of our past builds.

Reason for sale, we moved to an in-house motion system and these unit are no longer required. System will be fully tested with video before shipping/sale.

Thanks all.



D-BOX Actuator Difference.pdf

Dimension of Chassis with 4 actuators.jpg

4 D-Box Actuators on HR Adapter Plate.jpg

HR GT Chassis Black D-Box 2.jpg





D-Box 2250i.jpg

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Maybe. It depends on how you look at it and your preferences. We have purchased multiple SimSteering 1/2, OSW, Fanatec and Thrustmaster products over the years and the G27 is arill that one wheel that can go from game to game with little to no setup. There are many compromises when choosing a system and the G27/G29 just happens to check off more check-boxes than the other systems for us. The G27 has the most elegant FFB algorithm, albeit clunky mechanical. ;-) Still the best system I've ever tried was from the Force-Dynamics guys. 

3 hours ago, TonyTunes said:

It kills me to see expensive setups like this with logitech crap on it rofl


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