✅The Simpit Ferrari F2004 Series Announcement | The Simpit Ferrari F2004 Series Promo Video
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New Video! Click the link to watch the video: https://youtu.be/w2FIsm1LtBg


The Simpit Ferrari F2004 Series Announcement | The Simpit Ferrari F2004 Series Promo Video


Welcome to Professional Simulation's eighth series for the year 2018. We are taking part in the Ferrari F2004 Series which is hosted by The Simpit. They run two races per week, one on Thursdays and the other on Fridays. There is also a Practice session that is held on Wednesdays where you can get help with setups etc.


This time around we'll be doing a 20-minute qualification and a 1-hour long race with 100% damage enabled, which should make things very interesting.


This time around, the platform of choice is Assetto Corsa, via Sim Racing System (SRS).


Feel free to come out and join us on the track, just go and register with http://www.simracingsystem.com and get ready to have lots of sim racing fun amongst a great group of people.


If you need more detailed information on how to join us, take a look at this video from The Simpit:
Assetto Corsa - Sim Racing System Tutorial - https://youtu.be/XbUFLghUfpI


I hope that you enjoy the videos, feel free to subscribe for more videos just like these, also don't forget to click the little "bell" icon to make sure that you don't miss anything.


Support ProSimTT by purchasing products at:

Amazon - http://amzn.to/2f2oJAv

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Become a Sponsor - Donate via PayPal to: [email protected]


We "Professional Simulation" are now officially part of Amazon's Influencer Program, go check out our store and give us some feedback as to what else you'd like to see offered. https://www.amazon.com/shop/prosimtt


Support us with a tip: https://streamlabs.com/prosimtt






Pro Sim T&T Community: I need your help, YouTube has recently changed the way they monetize my content. My channel now needs 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch-time within the past 12 months.  I am a very small channel so it would be awesome if you could show your support by both watching my videos "from beginning to end" and subscribing to my channel if you haven’t already done so. As it stands, my channel has already been demonetized on February 20, 2018. Monetizing my videos had allowed me to invest back into my channel with better equipment and software etc. A small gesture from you goes a long way for me and the channel, many thanks for your support.

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