Vesaro static rig with shifter arm (USA only)
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Hello, I am exploring interest in my Vesaro static rig, which I have used for a few years.  It's in great shape, and these are very solid and great-looking cockpits.  I am getting tight on space and looking at other options including F1 seating.  I am sure I will sacrifice some aesthetics in changing rigs, but I'm willing if the price is right.  

I expect shipping to be approximately $200 within the U.S.   (I am near Omaha, Nebraska for anyone that may be interested in local pick up.) 

I checked the Vesaro site and if I build the stage 1 static rig, and add shifter arm, it provides a price of $1,589 USD before shipping.  I expect one could not get it new in the US for less than $1,900. 

I would be willing to part with it if I could pocket $1,300.  Buyer pays shipping, and I will pack safely for the trip.  Therefore, an opportunity to save about $400 off of the price of a new product. Or, make me an offer as I am still evaluating. 

Posting will be updated depending on interest.  Thanks for reading. 




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