Using an H-Shifter in Forza Horizon 4.

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i just joined the Sim-racing community by purchasing a used Fanatec Gt3 rs v2 Wheel. It came with Fanatec Pedals and a H-Shifter. The previous owner already calibrated all the devices and installed a firmware. 

I only had to download the Fanatec driver. 
In the Fanatec engine, everything works, the steering, the pedals and also the shifter. If i change the gears it shows the different gears in the engine . That means the shifter works.

In Forza Horizon 4 my steering works, the Pedals work and the Shifters on my steering work. 
But my H-shifter does not work. 
I went into the wheel keybinding settings. 
When i try to bind my 1st gear on the H-shifter to the 1st Gear in the game, it does not recognize any input..
Anyone know how to bind the shifter to the gears in the game?
I saw its working in Forza horizon 3. Im really frustrated..

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Minimum requirement:

Windows Vista / Windows XP SP2 (32 bit)

20 MB of Hard disk space

Free USB 1.1 or higher port

Direct X9.0 or higher

The game must support Direct X Force Feedback


PlayStation 3

Only racing games which support the Porsche wheel will

use the full functionality of the wheel.

To ensure increased compatibility you can switch to a

compatibility mode which makes the Porsche wheel

compatible to games which only support other Force

Feedback wheels. Please note that we cannot guarantee

the full functionality for features like the 900° rotation, the

clutch or the 6-speed gear stick in this mode.

The Porsche GT3 RS wheel is only supported by a few

games on the PlayStation 3 and compatibility cannot be


To make the wheel work on some games you need to

set back the system date of your PS3 console to a date

before December 2008.


I have copied this info from the Fanatec website. It may not be the fault of the parts that you have. It may be that the GAME does not support your wheel in its fully functioning configuration so your wheel acts like most other FF back wheels.

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