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Hi you all!

I decided to do something stupid and started a 100% distance HC-season with Microprose F1 GP from 1991 (by Geoff Grammond). I'm using wheel and pedals (Thrustmaster T500 RS) with no driving assists, steering help, traction control and all that. And of course no restarts if (when) I crash! And I'm streaming the races in YouTube.

So if you feel nostalgic and interested to see me make an idiot of myself:


The first race of the season in Phoenix:

I have no schedule for the streams, but if you subscribe you'll get notified in advance. If you can't catch the stream, the videos will be available in YT afterwards.

After I'm done with GP1, I'll move to Grand Prix 2 and eventually go trough the entire game series.

EDIT: CHANNEL UPDATE ALREADY! Just decided to re-brand the channel because I wasn't very happy with the old nickname and stuff. So from now on I'm TED MEAT! Updated the URL:s but the old ones should work as well.

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I've done 5 races now and it's been lot more difficult than I thought. The game is surprisingly hard with a racing wheel and very unforgiving if you make mistakes. More unforgiving than the new Codemasters games for sure!
The pace of the AI cars is also much more competitive than if you'd play with a keyboard with steering help and traction help. And of course this is how it should be! The game tries to be an F1 sim and if it would be easy it would not do the job very well!
I've had a few bad races and couple of good ones.If you're interested go and check out the channel.
I'd like to pick up one race: Race # 5 - Montreal.

This was by far the most exciting and interesting race I've had this season. A very dramatic beginning and a hard fight through the traffic after that. And at the closing stages of the race, when things finally seem to have settled down - a very surprising turn of events! Check it out:

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