RSEAT RS Formula V2 Chassis & 3-Monitor Stand
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I’m about to disassemble and pack up my RSEAT chassis and monitor stand, and put it up for sale. PM me if you’re in interested. I’m going to ship in a number of cartons. Shipping it as a whole is way too cumbersome. If anyone has any experience with packing and shipping such a chassis, I’d love to hear any advise you may have.
BTW, it will include many of the available RSEAT accessories: keyboard, mouse, shifter mounts...

Here are some photos;








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I’m in the U.S.  Central California.  93953.

Sorry, I’m still working on the price.  I have a person who’s interested, as of this morning.  And I’ve set a price for him.  I’ll give a price after that’s settled.


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