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I have a used Oculus CV1 available. The unit comes with all the stuff that came with it. This is the one sensor no touch controller configuration. You're getting the HMD, one sensor, Xbox Controller and USB adapter, Oculus remote, a couple stickers, and the snazzy plastic screwdriver to install/uninstall the headphones. 

Full disclosure, the unit has the slightest bit of sun damage on the bottom right of the left display. This happened early on when I first got it as I was unaware of the dangers of sunlight. If you picture a playing card, there is a small area on the bottom right parallel to the bottom of the card about the the size of height and width of dime that is lying flat on a surface. This area has a slight pinkish hue. This is slightly noticeable when you're navigating Oculus Home, and maybe if you use the unit for others games, but when I was playing AC or iRacing it didn't hinder my experience unless I stared downward and directly at it. Basically, it's there, but you don't see it when driving unless you want to drive looking at your crotch. I've tried to capture an image so interested parties have a firm grasp of the blemish, but it's not possible for me to get a picture of it. 

Other than that, the unit works great. I can ship it out within 24 hours of paypal payment. 

Cost is $200 and that includes USPS shipping. 

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