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Desktop Wind Simulator | iRacing | Assetto Corsa

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Hi all.

I wanted to make a desktop wind simulator and keep it as simple as possible. So I designed some 3d printed parts and here is what i ended up with.

Also this works with Assetto Corssa and iRacing all on the same pin on the Arduino. 

Started by printing a box for the Arduino uno R3, added some air vents a hole for the on/off switch and a GoPro type adapter on the bottom.

Parts list. further instructions can be found HERE.   

  1. 12v DC "120x120x38mm PWM" 4 pin Fan.  "213CFM" 
  2. Arduino UNO R3 or clone.
  3. 3D printed parts.
  4. An air straightener (highly recommended)
  5. A 12v on/off switch (optional but useful).
  6. A micro switch for reset (optional but useful).
  7. Wire 18awg silicone wire.
  8. Soldering iron & and solder.
  9. Dc 12v adapter. Amp output to be higher than the fans Amp rating

Hope you like this and if you need parts 3d printed pop over to my site  or send me a message :)


                   3d printed box to fit the Arduino unoR3 controller board                                                                                       GoPro type standard adapter on the bottom.

20180820_180115.jpg.604504a02ceea5e1b4b7d289628ef1cb.jpg       20180820_180120.jpg.3ba03711d38f9519aebcb225ee3664e2.jpg

Wanted it to be a compact wind simulator so made every thing as small as I could.                                     This will be the top of the box and also screw into the 120x120x38mm case fan.

20180820_175708.jpg.9f7b09150b2e374dfaa677f26e0948ac.jpg       20180820_180205.jpg.6aba134e5595f60491e6d9bf8879ae7d.jpg


Started the wiring I bypassed the 12v positive so the Arduino only has 5v from the USB.                         Then just passed the Arduino and all the wires through the top plate.

20180820_180335.jpg.2b8ee76a693887bf3dd296d587e05caa.jpg        20180820_180431.jpg.9d664576247b7bd94df7389d38fc9536.jpg

I added an on/off switch and wired a reset button with a micro switch, and put the pwm fan wire to pin3 on the Arduino. So I can use it with both iRacing and Assetto Corsa  without  opening it up to change pins.

I have the sketch that lets iRacingFanBoi work on pin 3  if anyone needs it .                                                      Screwed down the lid and ziptied the wires inside the box to stop them moving.

20180820_181731.jpg.a22b5b5b869c0195c572915b7f7e6baa.jpg        20180820_182625.jpg.cfceebf1166f71456a1afd11d301989e.jpg


Fitted the fan to the spacers on the lid section, and added one of my tie fighter design air straighteners :)  and screwed together 

20180820_182828.jpg.af4c8ef2ee0b1e27ea3e4475e803a78b.jpg       20180820_183125.jpg.25b3ab0e92638233b73479f49f31ac6d.jpg


Almost done screwed on the rear grill and added a sturdy desktop tripod.

20180820_183344.jpg.d0eca1a7fdeab24fb731a7be72ed30ee.jpg         20180820_184020.jpg.c14f51cd1a68b87113d88589aa870cca.jpg


I don't have a rig and can only race on my desktop so this is perfect , takes seconds to put up and remove, I also made a dual fan setup and that works great also, In VR  i think it really adds to the

immersion and on top of that it keeps me cool, Although i made this for desktop dont see why it could,nt be mounted to a rig also.

20180820_191036.jpg.5e92f96b66315fe5c7273b2ee0e36f4c.jpg         20180820_191001.jpg.9be9ca0e005e1917b92532cbd20a629d.jpg








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