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This dual fan wind simulator has been designed with the controller box intergrated no need to run wires to the fans great for desktop VR sim racing in mind.
This fan wind simulator can also be mounted to a frame mount and has GoPro type adapter and also pull up side brackets for frame mounting. 
2 powerful pwm fans and an Arduino Controller allow you to experience a better sense of speed and immersion while racing. 
This wind simulator can be setup in just a few minutes and taken away just as quickly, perfect for desktop racing in VR. When not racing it's a smart looking way to keep cool as desk fans.
Each simgadgets wind simulator comes pre-installed for iRacing and can also be used for Assetto Corsa and other games that use the Arduino UNO R3 for programming.
The wind simulator comes with 2 sturdy low profile desktop tripods and has 2 standard GoPro type bases for alternative mounting.
Free software for iRacing and drivers can be found on the downloads page.
Sim racing, flying or on a roller coaster in VR you'll get a better sense of immersion as well as keeping yourself cool.

Available from simgadgets.com

Included in this kit 

  1. The unit mesures 42x21cm with triopds 42x16cm without tripods.
  2. 2x High power pwm fan 120x120x38mm 213cfm.
  3. Fan have GoPro & standard 1/4" adapters
  4. 1x Arduino UNO controller with blue led on/off switch intergrated.
  5. Air straighteners and rear grills included. 
  6. 2x Sturdy desktop tripods 120x40mm tall 
  7. 1x100-240v AC/DC 12v 5A Power Supply no plug .
  8. 2Meter Micro USB cable.




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