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sorry for my english:)
I have a problem with my aura bass shaker connection to my pc.
I have
- 1 aura bass shaker pro
- 3.5mm jack to rca (2way)
- loudspeekar cables
- 1 50W 4Ohm amplifier

My PC connecting to the TV with hdmi cable. The amplifier is with jack from the green connection from sound card connected and the 2 rca in the amp. When i hearing music with my pc, sound comes out from the tv, but nothing happens with the shaker. When is set the primary sound device in windows from tv to loudspeaker, then the music comes out from the shaker and it shakes also. How can i do it, to the sound comes out from tv, and the shaker shakes? When i put the jack from the green to the orange(bass out), windows dont recognise the shaker, only when i put the jack in the green.

Can you please haelp me? I miss some cables?
Thnak you very much!


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Usually onboard sound card sometimes cannot provide enough power trought the 3.5MM like its happening to my headphones, while when i connected them to seperate old 2006 CD/tuner (something) i could feel the low bass 40Hz and up to 200Hz and that really good experience. Oh and to add its running from PC via dedicated sound card (some old from 2003, sound blaster something) to the amp and i tested just from sound card would it run single 90W speaker and it could. Check here:

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If yout TV has some analogue sound output, just plug it there! Otherwise I realy see no solution, since the audio that goes out via HDMI is digital, so it cannot (even if there were a splitter) be splited to the shaker.

I've heard of some software that can make make Windows output the sound through more than one device, but that was years ago and I really can't remember the name. Google it up, perhaps you'll find something.

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