For Sale (UK) Fanatec replacement 50kg load cells for Clubsport pedals CSP v1 & v2 (NOT v3)

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I bought a few of these as spares for my Clubsport pedals but they are now surplus to requirements.
They do not come with a plug on the end but you just cut your old non-functioning load cell off (leaving plenty of cable) and splice the wires from this new load cell onto the old ones. You don't even need to solder the wires - simply twisting them together and wrapping them in insulation tape works fine. I've been using this method with no issues for years. They work with CSP v1 & v2, but NOT v3 pedals. Fanatec want over €37 to send you one of these with the plug on the end, so you can save yourself a wedge of cash for the sake of a few minutes work.

I'll sell these for £5 each including delivery in a padded jiffy bag with full printed instructions and colour coding provided. Payment would be by PayPal friends & family to avoid unnecessary charges. These are brand new and unused.


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