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Hi All:

To date I have only ever purchased from people on here and the iracing forums. 

I'm currently selling an Xbox One X locally, but I thought I would post the info on here as well to see if there was any interest.  I have it listed for $400 OBO.  I only took one pic (but I can always take more).  I believe the shipping weight would be about 11 pounds.  I'm located in the US (NJ specifically).

If anyone has any interest, please let me know.  I want to be upfront about this though, I have no interest in selling for $250-$300 and having to ship the system.  (Hopefully that is understandable given that I could sell it quickly, locally for that and not have to worry about shipping or paypal fees.

On other thing, I buy/sell a lot of console video games (as opposed to pc which I realize is the main focus on here).  If anyone needs PSN or Xbox (or Nintendo) currency for 20% off, let me know.  

Thanks guys!



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