***SOLD*** (UK): Fanatec CSR Elite Formula Rim, immaculate, boxed
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This is a sale for my immaculate Fanatec CSR Elite Formula Rim. Note: this rim is for the Fanatec CSR Elite base and will NOT fit directly to the Clubsport wheel bases. I've no idea if it can be converted to be used with the CSW or with an OSW. I'm assuming it can (you can convert a teapot to be used with an OSW, can't you?), but assumption is the mother of all fup-ucks so you didn't hear it from me.
It's all boxed in the original inner and outer cartons with the proper foam inserts and little draw-string bag. Condition is superb (check the photos below) and it's always been used with gloves and covered when not in use. There's one bolt shown in the photos, but two are included. No idea why I only photographed one. Both are brand new still with blue loctite on as I used the ones from the original GT rim.
I'm asking a nice round £100 plus shipping (probably £11 with Parcelforce 48) by PayPal F&F Gift to avoid unnecessary fees. UK only please. 
Some guff from the Germans:
High Quality Materials 
The high quality CNC machined and anodized aluminum front plate on top of a metal cage provides for a super sturdy construction. Featuring long-term durability, comfort and ease of cleaning, the artificial leather covered grips are designed to meet the expectations of hardcore simracers. 

Improved featuresImproved features 
Shows telemetry data directly on the big LED display. Speed, current gear, remaining fuel and many other parameters can be shown and changed during gameplay. This new rim features an additional joystick, compared to the original CSR Elite rim, which can be individually and independently mapped on PC. 

Ergonomic designErgonomic design 
This Formula Rim is ergonomically designed to add extra comfort to your driving. It is not only a perfect fit but it also allows for fast and easy maneuvering. Give your CSR Elite a fine and elegant look with this Formula shaped rim. 
Some pics:
Q9DreXv.jpg PsW1vyl.jpg d06LvLH.jpg 5cDKsHW.jpg yJfQXAr.jpg siE55Na.jpg 551reRD.jpg XnoA4KA.jpg NIjYpI8.jpg 3pmhIr2.jpg QMDZqqA.jpg QRUGUcd.jpg vDvApwo.jpg vubHrky.jpg
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