Intel or AMD for sim racing titles
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I have been researching which way to go and am more confused than ever on which cpu to consider.  Some people swear by Intel for gaming in general ( I very seldom game outside of sim racing) and some swear by AMD.  The two in question is 8700k and 2700x.

I questions that I have concern Pcars 2 and Assetto Corsa mainly. Along with those titles, I usually run several programs simultaneously, like simvibe, fanaleds, wind simulator app, crewchief, JoytoKey, and VR

1. Are these mainly CPU bound or GPU bound. I already own a 1080ti so if they are more GPU bound, it would seem either cpu would be fine?

2. Do they utilize multiple cores or are they centered around 1 core? If they mainly use core #1 then it would seem either cpu would be fine?

3. Does the cpu speed make a big difference in these titles? Would 5ghz intel chip perform that much better than 4.3ghz AMD?

4.Which would be be better : higher clock speed less cores or lower clock speeds more cores?

Does anyone have any experience running these programs on both cpu's and could offer any advise on which cpu these specific racing titles  run better?

If there is not a lot of difference, I am leaning towards an AMD build but don't want to make a huge investment and find out I should have gone Intel.


Any informed advise would be appreciated.



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