FS: zroso F1 wheel with Logitech G27 and T500-Adapterplate ITNL
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I'm selling a rare zroso F1 wheel complete with a Logitech G27 (modded for the zroso-wheel). There is also a Thrustmaster T500-Adapter that you can use to mount the wheel to that base.

I bought the wheel back in 2012 directly from Zeljko Roso (Simulatori Roso d. o. o. in Croatia) and am the original owner. I imported it to germany, taxes have been paid. Original bill and tax-calculation is available as PDF. It is the version with normal push buttons and alcantara. The build-quality is outstanding, unfortunately these kind of wheels are not made anymore. It's based on the SLI pro-module and features the quick-connect-interface (so no interface-cables in your way while playing). I modified the base of the Logitech G27 to host the adapter and route the USB-cable through the back of the base. If you plan to mount it to a T500, you will have to open the G27-base to disconnect adapter + cable. I also include the original G27-wheel and parts to bring it back in its original state. The G27-shifter has never been used and is new.

I used the wheel for a limited time before it spent the last 5 years in the closet. The alcantara on the front got a little yellow and there is a little scratch in the carbon on top of the wheel (see pictures below for details). Apart from that it's in top mechanical condition. From an electrical point of view I can't judge right now - it worked back in the day and I did a short self test of the electronics a minute ago. However without any up-to-date sim-software I didn't do a full test - so no guarantee here.

I'm adding a couple of pictures I just took of both wheel and Logitech G27. Before posting it on ebay I want to give the sim-racing-community a chance to buy it since I'd like to sell it to someone who values this item as much as I did.

Back in 2012 the G27 cost 234 Euro, the wheel 680 Euro + 130 Euro tax = 1.044 Euro in total - just to give you some idea of its value. I'd like to get your idea on prices so please sent me a PN with your offers ("Best Offer").

Best regards,











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