Thrustmaster TMX/T150(rs) aftermarket custom steering wheel adapter

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We are selling adapters for custom aftermarket steering wheels for Thrustmaster TMX/T150(rs)

TMX, Pre-sale discount, adapter for 43USD

T150(rs), Pre-sale discount, kit for 50USD

High quality PLA adapter, smooth, well strong - 100% infill (solid plastic, not hollow as others sell)
It fits to standard 70mm wheels(Sparco, Momo......)
Many colors available
If you want other color e.g. white... just text me..
In package included :
1x Steering wheel adapter
6x mounted M5 nuts
6X mounted M5 imbus (Allen, HEX) bolts
1x Custom board for T150(rs) (without custom board, T150(rs) will not calibrate properly)
For installation the adapter and custom aftermarket rim you do not need any special tools. 
Screws, which holds the adapter on it's place are reused from stock rim.
Pictures with TMX will be taken soon.
If you broken the adapter and send pictures, return would be accepted ! 
Links : 
! Please note !
- Buy 3 adapters and get 1 as gift
- Buy 5 adapters and get 2 as gift
(In case you want to buy more (e.g. 2 and more) please text me via Ebay or email and then we could agree the final price with discounts)
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