Did My G27 Get Damaged? *Urgent Help Needed*
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So today, I was just playing BeamNG.Drive, I was drifting. I suddenly turn quickly and my G27 makes a loud bang noise, Everything is the same but then when i turn again it makes like an "click" Noise. I try to then drive and it feels loose. But I might be paranoid. Please tell me if I broke anything or did anything. If anyone could also tell me what ways G27 can break as I want to avoid that. I have a little video here, That noise at the end is very concerning and there is a little 'click' just before i hit the limiters of the steering angle. I just tried hitting the limiter very lightly and it makes an very, very brutal "crack" type of noise, please help!! Sorry for the bad quality of sound, I had to send it through Facebook but at least you can hear it good

*extra info* No bad sounds when it's off.



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