Setting up a ‘Party Group One’ Lap Challenge
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This is a general question as I have AC, Project Cars and Forza on my Xbox one, so don’t mind which I use.

I want to set up my sim rig so a group of people can all have a go at racing the same lap and have a leader board. Ie just like an arcade game.

I don’t want to faff about setting up loads of different user accounts/profiles as I want it to be a simple jump in and drive experience - same car, no protracted user switching and setting up - as people will quickly loose interest.

so far I can’t seem to work out a simple way to do this with any of the above titles. Do any have an arcade mode?

Suggestions most welcome. I don’t mind buying another game if it’ll do what I want - as long as it works with the full fanatec club sport set-up.

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