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Hi guys

Just finishing my pc build and was wondering which way to go. I7 7800k 16gig ram 1080ti etc.

My question is more around storage. Im thinking m.2 256g for the c drive op system and very little else its purely my sim pc so with that said is it worth going to ssd for each game and keeping all the iracing stuff on one say 256gig and a 2nd for asseto then just a mech say 2gig for the others to avoid any conflicts or am i just thinking to much.

I do really like ssd over mech drives even though i have had probably the same percentage of each fail. Is the extra speed needed is the seperate drive idea just a waste of $$. 

My initial softaware list is

Win10 64 pro, steam, sim vibe, and the games of course, fanaleds is pretty much it should i maybe stick all of that on a 500 m.2 or go to a ssd 1tb.

Am i missing anything?

Once i get it set up ill clone it with acronis or similar and wont bother with raid at all unless you think raid is better. 



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The best m2 SSDs are certainly very fast in benchmarks but, to be honest, in normal use you wouldn't really notice the difference when compared to a SATA3 SSD unless you're moving a lot of very large files around on a regular basis. I certainly wouldn't consider a separate drive for each game. A single 500GB SATA3 SSD for the OS and your 2 games would cost about 2/3 the price of a similar sized m2 drive. With the money you save you could add a 2 or 3TB hard drive as general storage and also to keep a backup of software on the SSD.

I used Acronis until the first time I actually needed to restore my system following a hardware failure. Unfortunately, the app wouldn't recognise the backup files it had been creating on my network drive on a weekly basis! I now use Macrium Reflect and would highly recommend it.

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