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New Bass Shaker Software from Sim Racing Studio

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*** DOWNLOAD the FREE TRIAL here ***

Free trial works for 5 minutes per session and stops shaking automatically. Unlimited number of sessions. so play as much as you can. 

If you want to add vibration to your sim racing racing experience, you need 4 components

  1. a software that creates vibration sound waves (this product)
  2. a dedicated sound card (Either USB external or Integrated)
  3. an amplifier
  4. 1 to 6 bass shakers or SRS ShakeSeat

If you already have the items 2, 3 and 4 above, our SRS software license is perfect for you.

If you need to buy hardware (amps and bass shakers), we reccomend Smoke-Tronics.


Just install it and race.

VERY LOW CPU USAGE ! No impact on your game FPS.


Simply configure the sound card and the number of shakers you installed. 

Optionally, you can set volume of each shaker for comfort purposes. 


SRS bass shaking software already optimized your immersion for the following telemetries.

Engine rumble
Gear change
Vertical Acceleration
Suspension movement



Compatible Games:

  1. iRacing
  2. Assetto Corsa
  3. Race Room Experience
  4. Project CARS
  5. Project CARS 2
  6. DiRT Rally
  7. DiRT 4
  8. F1 2015
  9. F1 2016
  10. F1 2017
  11. RFactor 1
  12. RFactor 2
  13. Automobilista
  14. FTrucks
  15. Marcas
  16. Game Stock Car Extreme
  17. XPlane11
  18. NoLimits2 Rooler Coaster

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