HELP! Ricmotech Tactile Feedback Sequential Shift Mod Plate - TOO STIFF
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Hey guys, I recently bought the TACTILE-FEEDBACK SEQUENTIAL SHIFT MOD PLATE from Ricmotech and I'm disappointed.


Once assembled, the shift action is INCREDIBLY tough to perform - moreso in UPSHIFTS (towards the driver).
I've actually reversed the little dubrey mechanism inside the unit, which helped a small amount.

But I need any advice from people with the same issue ; has anyone used GREASE on this mod to help with a slightly less physical (and noisy) action?

++ UPDATE - I bought 2 x different size springs to fit inside the inner mechanism but neither were ideal size ++

It's so strong it will literally break my rig (F1GT) or the TH8A if the loud bangs when I use it don't piss off the neighbours first....
I've reached out to Ricmotech directly for support/advice but no reply yet.

Many thanks,



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I have this mod too.

Yes its very hard at the beginning, give it some time and it will be getting better after some hours. Maybe you could use some silicone grease or oil or something on the slider mechanism…


I also had contact with Frank Rico from Ricmotech via Email one year ago. He answered the next day:

"The mod will become easier as it "breaks in". You can add some silicone lubricant to the slide mechanism to make it a bit easier. There are 2 oiling holes on the back side. Do not use petroleum based oil since it will soften plastic."

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