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Tony Gardner was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions below. (cut and pasted from the iRacing Forums)

1/ How is it going to be Implemented?...Do we sign in as usual and go to another part of the Website to access the AI component?

Yes you would just sign up/join as usual. AI will be on the Beta UI. You will see a section that right now says "Race Against AI", just like you see for Official Races, Hosted, Time Attack etc. Click on Race Agaisnt AI . Then you will click on button Create a Race/Season. Click That. You will then be the admin to select your options, settings and various choices. Then hit the Big Race button like you always do. Simple as that. I wish it was simple as that to develop. [IMG] 

2/ Can iRacers use their existing purchased content with AI or do iRacers have to repurchase the content they want to use with AI?

Yes you can use your existing content. There is no extra charge for AI. Just added value as part of your membership.

3/ What Car Series and Tracks will be available with AI?...All eventually or just a selected amount.

All eventually I hope, it certainly is looking that way. Certainly, some special case bugs to work on, however. Right now for example the AI does not like going over jumps with the GRC cars but we do have all the cars "working" now in various states. I was just watching 40 completely different cars go around Bristol at once. It was pretty funny seeing F1 car out there flying around legends car, dirt cars and things like that. You won't be able to do that however but you will be able have multi-class AI like IMSA for example. 

4/ Will the AI component be updated / improved as per the existing iRacing procedures ie' Updates Required'

Yes, will update the same way and same time as everything else. 

5/ Will AI be used to fill up a Grid in Human races?

No. If a strong demand we could consider doing for hosted/private only someday but that will not be in the initial release. [ 

6/ Can the AI component of iRacing be played 'OFF LINE' without having to sign in or be connected to the internet?

No. Think of it like testing currently. That is essentially off-line but you still need the Internet and to login for various reasons. We do have a commercial version of iRacing we call the Trade Show Version which has a different Interface and works completely without the Internet, we would have AI available for that as well. That is purchased as a commercial license. 

7/ How is the OVAL racing going to work?...Full flag, pit stops etc much like the other Nascar games. 

Yes there will be pit stops, cautions, flags, etc. all that fun stuff. 

These are just a few Questions and I am sure many more can be added.

I am personally excited about the inclusion of AI into iRacing and will purchase missing content to make good use of the AI component when it gets here....exciting times ahead.

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6 hours ago, Paradox said:

I'm excited for AI as well. Any idea how #soon it will be done? 


Unfortunately no...that was an obvious Question I forgot to add to my list...duh...but I think I read somewhere this year. Thanks for showing some interest.

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I'd like to see iRacing AI be no subscription, you pay for the base sim, then buy add on cars tracks as you want, then if/when/want you feel your ready go for the subscription online racing working your way up the SR ladder into higher level series as it is now.

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Interesting stuff! I personally was against the introduction of AI initially, but I’m warming to it, especially if the standards are high.

In certain circumstances, when drivers are protested for reckless or disrespectful on-track behaviour, I’d really like to see them being locked out of online races until they’ve completed three clean races against AI. It could be a good way to really reinforce what’s required for that. I sometimes wonder with D/C class drivers who are constantly learning, whether the penny really drops when they get a warning – even when the advice is very clear. This would be a good way to ensure they put that advice into practice!

Either way AI is certainly a useful tool for iRacing. I’m looking forward to its arrival.

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