Triple monitor 144hz - 1080 vs 1440
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I currently have a MSI GS63vr - 7rf laptop with an onboard 6gb 1060. I plan to use it to run nvidia surround as I get back into sim racing, with the aim to get a standalone PC further down the road. As for games for now I plan to stick with AC and perhaps PCars - 2. My thought was to get 3x1440p 144hz monitors with the hope of running them at 1080p or 1440p with lowered details - for now. This way when i get my PC then I will be all set. The question then is am I going at it all wrong and should stick with 3x1080p or will this path of buying 3x1440p and under utilizing them for now work out.

P.S. - technically my laptop doesn't support Surround, but i tested it with some other displays and it works.

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