For sale: One of a kind custom SLI M board wheel USA

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  I am selling my one of a kind custom SLI M board wheel.  This is one of my custom wheels had made for myself, It has 1 momentary toggle, 8 buttons and 3 rotary encoders, custom SLI enclosure with smoke insert.  It is totally enclosed with the USB B plug in the back of the wheel.  The adapter for it will fit the G25 controller (W/ shifter) that I am including, and will also fit a G27.  The adapter has a 70mm bolt hole pattern to attach to the top side of a quick release.   The grips have been hand polished back to clear and the body is airbrushed Candy Racing Blue and clear coated.  New, this wheel is valued at over $600.00.
  I am asking $350.00 plus shipping / OBO 

Custom Back.jpg

Custom Front.jpg

G25 & Shifter.jpg

G25 Base.jpg

G25 Shifter.jpg


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The wheel is very smooth and does not get sweaty with use.  I have made several custom wheels, with a lot of satisfied customers.  This is a very comfortable wheel.

I am asking $275.00 plus shipping.  Brand new , it sold for over $600.  It is ready to plug and play. If you need an adapter, I can make one to send with the wheel. 


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