FS: Fanatec Rennsport Cockpit, CSW Base w/ Formula & BMW Rims, Clubsport V2 Pedals, & TH8 Shifter
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Brand New Fanatec CSW Wheel Base with Formula & BMW Rims

Used Fanatec Rennsport Cockpit

Fanatec Clubsport V2 Pedals (Used twice just to test feel and compatibility)

Thrustmaster TH8 Shifter (Both Sequential and H-Pattern)

All items listed above are in excellent overall condition with minimal wear, except for the CSW Wheel base and the two rims. They are in MINT condition as they have never been used, not even for one lap!


I'm selling off my prized racing cockpit that never came about. I used to race on a homemade triple screen cockpit with the hopes of moving into this setup after I sold the homemade cockpit. Unfortunately, some things have come up and I will no longer be able to finish this build. I'm still working on prices and a package deal, but I wanted to at least get this ad up to let people know it's all for sale and if you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will respond as soon as I can.

The CSW wheel base and rims have never been turned on. I took the out of their OEM boxes just for the pictures. The wheel and rims come in their factory boxes inside even larger cardboard Fanatec boxes, the cockpit, the pedals, and the shifter will not come in their factory OEM boxes unless I can find them in the attic or elsewhere and I'll be sure to let you know if I do, by editing this ad.

I can ship freight, at your expense, so please let me know your address. I'm in no hurry to sell this, I've just come to the conclusion that I will not be able to finish this build here at this house due to space reasons.



Below I'm going to list two prices. Retail cost plus shipping from Germany to Georgia (USA) and my price. Also, note that everything I'm selling is practically new, minus the cockpit. There are a few scratches to the paint and two minor dings to the metal, neither of each affect the structure of the cockpit. The pedals and shifter were used twice with my old setup, mainly just to test the feel of the newly designed clutch and to mess with some settings.

By the way, if you see a name and location next to the item that means someone has already said they would take this item. If I can get enough people to lay claim to a majority of the items here for sale I will go forward with selling pieces individually. One more thing, the more you commit to buying the higher up the queue you move.  The prices are posted what they are, I just don't want to get stuck with anything if I don't have to. I hope you guys understand and don't take offense to my approach.

Anyways here's he prices and the que lists below:

1.) Wheelbase. (Queue: 1st - 98GT4, 2nd - RingKing, 3rd - EddieHollon)

Retail - $449.95 + $22.87 (Shipping) = $472.82

My Price - $382.45 + Shipping

2.) BMW Rim. (Queue: 1st - 98GT4, 2nd - RingKing, 3rd - EddieHollon)

Retail - $249.95 + $21.36 (Shipping) = $271.31

My Price - $212.46 + Shipping

3.) Formula Rim (Queue - 1st - 98GT4)

Retail - $179.95 + $16.07 (Shipping) = $196.02

My Price - 152.96 + Shipping

4.) Clubsport Pedals v2. (Queue: 1st - 98GT4, 2nd - RingKing)

Retail - $249.95 + $29.11 (Shipping) = $279.06

My Price - $199.96 + Shipping

5.) Rennsport Cockpit w/ Triple Monitor Stand (Queue: 1st - 98GT4, 2nd - Antmay)

Retail - $999.00 + $ 249.00 (Stand) + 214.66 (Shipping) = $1,462.66

My Price - $1000 + Shipping

6.) Thrustmaster TH8RS Shifter: (Queue - 1st - 98GT4)

Retail - $150.00 (Free Shipping)

My Price - $100 + Shipping

7.) ENTIRE PACKAGE (Possibly 98GT4)

Retail - $2,831.87 (Shipping Included)

My Price - $1,945.44 + Shipping

As for payment I'm fine with accepting PayPal but there will be a 3% additional charge for the fee's. Also with PayPal I will have to send the package "signature delivery" for safety reasons on my end. If you have any questions just let me know.

Thanks for your patience and I look forward to hearing from you.

Located just east of Chandler, AZ so if you are local you are more than welcome to come by and check all the gear out in person.

Please message me here or email me at: [email protected]    text: 310-469-9511











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23 minutes ago, Homie315 said:

I scroll through all this gorgeous equipment to see that mug at the end. Haha, thanks for laugh

I dont understand, mug? What mug?

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25 minutes ago, fil140 said:

I dont understand, mug? What mug?

I could've sworn I saw a picture off Donald Trump at the bottom of his post, I apparently was seeing things. Must've been an ad

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