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Hi community! Yesterday I purchased my boyfriend his first simulator bundle (the Forza bundle from Fanatec). I’m now desperately looking for a decent cockpit that won’t totally break the bank. He won’t need a monitor stand since we will use our tv for now. Based on my research and conversations about what he likes/dislikes, I think the Trak Racer RS6 model is a great option. But, as someone who knows next to nothing I’d love some input. Does anyone know of discount or promo codes for Trak Racer? Or, does anyone have a suggestion for a comparible product? What’s my best bet for a “starter” cockpit setup that is decent quality? I’m amazed  at the lack of promo codes, discount codes, and sales for this whole industry. I just spent over $1300 on the Fanatec bundle, but really want him to have a decent cockpit setup so that he can enjoy it and get the most use out of it! Please help!!!

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